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Αφιέρωμα «Μαρία Κάλλας, μια ζωή σαν παραμύθι»

Κύτταρο 2 - Ισόγειος χώρος, κάτω από την αίθουσα «Αιμίλιος Ριάδης»

Tribute: "Maria Callas, a life like a fairy tale"



The artistic trilogy of Ms. Marina Petris from Mykonos is entitled "Maria Callas, a life like a fairy tale" and is a cultural tribute to the 87th TIF under the auspices of the National Council of Greek Women and the support of the TIF - HELEXPO.

The visual artist - writer Mrs. Marina Petri, has immersed herself in the life and work of the famous soprano since she was very young and renders them visually, in oil and acrylic on canvas, on paper with collage and with digital art, as well as in a series of posters depicting the "twelve wise phrases of Maria Callas".

In the eponymous biographical book published by the creator about the soprano, she presents her psyche with a pop art illustration that highlights the uniqueness of the great diva.

The performance that will be presented in the tribute every day at 19:00 for the duration of TIF, contains a set of videos and images from the period of Calla's life in Greece in the 20s, in the new land that hosted her, New York, as well as throughout the path of the great Greek soprano.