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Thessaloniki International Fair is an institution; an established exhibition event that is integrally linked to the history of Greece’s economic and cultural growth.

To this day, since its foundation in 1926, it reflects the momentum and trends of domestic and international entrepreneurship. At the same time, during a 9-day celebration, it hosts and organizes several entertainment events for all ages.

Besides all else, TIF is the annual meeting point of Greece’s given political leadership with its citizens, aiming to inform them about its political and economic agenda for the upcoming year.

87th International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki

Relevant information on the organization of this year's TIF will be announced soon with all the exhibition tributes and events that will make it up.

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Thessaloniki of Entrepreneurship, a trading hub of the Balkans, SE Europe and the Mediterranean and the seat of the country's largest exhibition center.

The youthful Thessaloniki, full of life, thanks to the 150,000 students it hosts.

The historic city, more than 2,300 years old, as witnessed by the 18 UNESCO monuments it hosts.

The capital of gastronomy, relaxation and fun.

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