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Presentation of the 88th TIF to representatives  of the diplomatic corps in Athens  More than 100 German exhibitors  in the context of Germany's participation  as the Honoured Country

Presentation of the 88th TIF to representatives of the diplomatic corps in Athens More than 100 German exhibitors in the context of Germany's participation as the Honoured Country

The wealth and many dimensions of the business, economic, and cultural content of the 88th TIF (September 7-15th), with an emphasis on the highly anticipated participation of Germany as the Honoured Country, was presented today by TIF-HELEXPO to representatives of the diplomatic corps at an event in the hall of the old Athens Exchange, which was organised jointly with the German Embassy in Greece.

The German participation, with more than 100 German exhibitors, is being coordinated by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, while Leipziger Messe International is responsible for organising and presenting German businesses in a 6000-square metre area in pavilion 13. The German participation will be inaugurated by Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Dr Robert Habeck, while it was also announced that surprises will include a concert by a leading German band on the TIF’s outdoor stage on 9 September.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Konstantinos Fragogiannis issued a call to those attending the event, an audience consisting of foreign embassy representatives in Greece, journalists, and Greek-German businesses, for collaboration, so that the TIF can become an open and international event with the support of important countries such as Germany.

In fact, referring to Germany, Mr Fragogiannis stressed that its participation in an impressive pavilion, where it will present innovation in important fields such as education, research, renewable energy sources, digitisation, and nutrition, will provide valuable information and networking opportunities. He also noted that in recent years Germany has been one of Greece’s top trading partners – ranked among the main destinations of Greek exports in 2023 and evolving into one of our country’s largest suppliers – and one of the main countries of origin of Direct Foreign Investment in Greece, especially in green development. Lastly, he conveyed his conviction that the participation of Germany, a steadfast friend and strategic ally, as Honoured Country at the 88th TIF will strengthen the open and international nature of the national exhibition body.

In turn, the Deputy Minister of Interior (Macedonia-Thrace), Mr Stathis Konstantinidis, spoke of enthusiasm, satisfaction, and impatience for an event that will attract a lot of interest, while highlighting Germany’s broad and high-level delegation in the context of its participation as Honoured Country at the 88th TIF. He expressed his conviction that it will be an occasion for numerous contacts and meetings that will help develop bilateral trade and cooperation, while he estimated that the government will announce the reconstruction of the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre very soon, opening new horizons for the Fair, the city, and the broader region.

In turn, the German Ambassador to Greece, Mr Andreas Kindl, stressed: “The huge interest of more than 100 German exhibitors from all 16 Federal States is indicative of how Greece and Germany are resisting the politically and economically turbulent times, and shaping the future together. The participation of Germany as the Honoured Country in the 88th TIF offers a first-class opportunity for the two countries to take their bilateral relations in the fields of economy, politics, culture, and science to a new level. Hallo Greece, hallo Thessaloniki, we are looking forward to September!”

TIF-HELEXPO President, Mr Tasos Tzikas, characterised Germany’s participation in 88th TIF as being of strategic interest and historic in nature. “We are very pleased, because Germany, a friend for Greece and a strategic partner, is coming to the 88th TIF

with a significant number of businesses and is emphasising new technologies and energy, fields that concern the future,” he said.

For his part, the President of the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr Vassilios Gounaris, noted that the Chamber is cooperating with all relevant bodies, so that the presence of Germany at this year’s TIF exceeds all expectations, and, above all, reflects the momentum indicated to global economy by the concept “made in Germany”. "The 88th TIF will be a new opportunity for the two countries, the two economies, to come even closer together," he said, and he announced that the Hellenic-German Chamber is planning a series of events during the TIF.

Germany’s participation in the 88th TIF will focus on the fields of logistics and transport, health and medical technology, renewable energy sources, environmental technology, sustainability and disaster prevention, education and research, digital economy and data economy, as well as startups, according to TIF-HELEXPO CEO Mr Kyriakos Pozrikidis, who presented the content of this year’s event. Mr Pozrikidis also referred to the thematic events of the 88th TIF, which will present the most dynamic and important sectors of the Greek economy, from circular economy and energy to education. He also stressed that the TIF will offer a platform for B2B meetings between Greek and foreign companies, as well as Honoured Country exhibitors, which will be the ideal stage for networking and business partnerships.

He also referred to the international character of the event, with the presence of different products, tastes, and cultures, as well as to its entertainment character, focusing on music events. He looked back over the exhibition organisation’s past, approximately 100 years of operation, as well as at the present and its dynamism as an organiser of exhibitions and other events.