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Circular economy

Pavilions 9 & 10 - Open space areas Β07, Β08 & Β10

Recycling - Energy - Construction

This is an exhibition section dedicated to eco-design, re-use of materials to reduce environmental impact and leading technology applications for optimal use of energy. Participants include outstanding companies, enterprises and bodies presenting innovative heating and cooling systems, specialised applications, new technologies and products for the ordinary consumer. At the same time, visitors to this section can learn about issues concerning modern construction and ‘green’ infrastructure in general.

FORWARD FOR GREEN for the 3rd consecutive year…

HELEXPO, with interest and sensitivity to environmental issues and the slogan FORWARD FOR GREEN, continues its collaboration with CIGARET CYCLE AMKE this year as well – a program for the collection, management, and recycling of cigarette butts.. Smoker visitors to the TIF will have the opportunity to extinguish their cigarettes and dispose of their cigarette butts in designated bins placed at prominent points within the exhibition center.

The collection and counting of cigarette butts will be carried out after the conclusion of the 88th TIF by CIGARET CYCLE, which will then send them to foreign factories for detoxification and recycling.

Results from last year's cigarette butt collection – 87th TIF
40,000 cigarette butts were gathered, resulting in recycled products and an environmental footprint:

  • 8.8 kilograms of composted fat
  • 30.8 kilograms of industrial plastic
  • 280 cubic meters of sweet or salty water saved from pollution