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The 85th TIF will be held on 11-19 September, with Greece as the Honoured Country and with a main thematic axis of the Past, Present, and Future of the country
The 85th TIF, the greatest exhibition event in Greece, will be physically held on 11-19 September 2021 at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre
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Political-economic forum organized by TIF-Helexpo

The national exhibition organizer continues to be on the ramparts, planning the future.

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263,737 visitors at the 84th TIF

TIF retained visitor levels at 250,000 people for the third year running, establishing its dynamism and winning over the hearts of the people even more.

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84th TIF: 1600 exhibitors, the scent of India.
The 84th TIF is kicking off on Saturday 7 September with 1600 (direct and indirect) exhibitors, in comparison to 1494 last year, participations from 18 countries, India as the honoured country.
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The 84th TIF will be a business platform for the upgrading of the relationship between India and Greece

The 84th TIF will be a business platfrom for the empowerment of the financial and commercial cooperation between India and Greece. This September’s TIF will host India as the Honoured Country

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Fever pitch preparations for the participation of India in the 84th TIF as the Honoured Country

Contacts between the TIF-Helexpo administration and Indian government and economic agents, as well as Bollywood representatives, in the framework of the recent delegation sent to the Asian country “New India” is the focal point of India’s participation at the 84th TIF

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