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Digital Greece

Digital Greece in the foreground

For two years in a row, the Digital Greece section has been hosted at the 84th TIF with the aim of promoting innovative entrepreneurship in our country. The meeting point is the same as last year, Pavillions 6 and 12. 

An initiative of the Ministry of Digital Governance and TIF-Helexpo, in collaboration with Industry Disruptors - Game Changers, 2nd Digital Greece will map the digital Greek ecosystem, presenting startups and scaleups, company structures supporting young entrepreneurs, universities, research centers and funding providers as permanent exhibitors. At the same time, workshops, lectures and discussions will highlight emerging trends and dynamics, as well as opportunities arising in the specific business sector.

Exhibitors in Pavilion 12, through a special platform provided by Digital Greece, will have the opportunity, to hold B2B and B2C meetings with Exhibitors of the Honored Country. 

B2B meetings will also be attended by companies from the Federation of Northern Greece Industries, the Association of Northern Greece Information Technology Enterprises of the Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies etc.

In the context of Digital Greece there will also be numerous side-events in Pavillion 12, such as the INNOVATION HUB program, organised by the US Embassy in Greece and the Foundation, the DEMO DAY EVENT, implemented by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology Food (EIT Food) and the Global Agripreneurs Summit, which will take place from September 7th to 11th.

The 100 mentors with a full activation under the general theme “Education for the 21st Century” bringing together professionals, researchers, students and policy makers with a common quest for a human-centric education, experiential, capable of embedding technological developments, and inspiring in making us asking the right questions in a world full of answers.