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Honored Country

United Arab Emirates


The institution of the Honored Country is making a dynamic comeback at the 86th TIF, with the United Arab Emirates preparing to leave their mark on this year’s event participating with a significant number of enterprises and entities. UAE is a founding member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and a member of the Arab League, the United Nations, the Islamic Council, OPEC, and the World Trade Organization. UAE is a federation of seven emirates along the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and its economy is the 5th largest in the Middle East, with a GDP of US$501 billion in 2022.

The UAE Centennial 2071 Project

The UAE Centennial 2071 project was launched by the cabinet to make UAE the best country in the world by 2071. The project is based on four aspects namely: Education, Economy, Government Development, and Community Cohesion. The project vision’s objectives include the development of education, with a focus on advanced technology and engineering, and instilling an Emirati moral values system in future generations.

Ties between UAE and Greece

Relations between Greece and United Arab Emirates date back to 1976, when they signed an agreement to establish a joint committee for economic, cultural, and technical cooperation. Greece and UAE agreed to create a €4 billion ($4.22 billion) initiative to invest in the Greek economy and over the past few years, they forged a strong economic and military alliance. In 2020, the two states inked a foreign policy and defence cooperation deal.

Participating Sectors

Government Renewable energy Industry
Food & Beverages Defense & space manufacturing Software development
Building materials Real estate Education
Airlines and aviation Defense innovation and technology Marine
Financial services Aviation & aerospace component manufacturing Hospitals & healthcare
Transportation, logistics, supply chain & storage Travel & tourism Investment managemen
Mining   Farming

UAE Pavilion 13 - Parallel Activities

The UAE through its pavilion as the Country of Honor is ready to welcome multitude of visitors from across the globe through;

  • Folklore band performances
  • Emirati hospitality with coffee and dates.
  • Meeting with the UAE falcons
  • Drawing paintings of Arabic calligraphy & writing commemorative plaques in Arabic calligraphy
  • Drawing henna for visitors and participants
  • Falconry presentation
  • Exhibition of artistic paintings and presentation of live performances of fine painting

Investment opportunities

The UAE presents itself as one of the favourable countries with hordes of investment opportunities. These include:

  • National Innovation - Start-Ups
  • Logistics Hub
  • Magnet for Talents
  • Tax-Free Regime
  • Political Stability, Security
  • Incubator of Tech ‘Unicorns’
  • Dynamic, Tolerant Society
  • Strong Infrastructure